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Nikolaj D. Widenmann, CT

ATA-Certified Translator Federally Certified Court Interpreter


  • Danish to English

  • English to Danish

  • Spanish to English

  • Spanish to Danish

  • Norwegian to English

  • Swedish to English


  • Spanish to English

  • English to Spanish

  • Danish to English

  • English to Danish

  • Danish to Spanish




Translation and interpretation are two different professions that share some common characteristics. These include the need for fluency in at least two languages and the ability to transmit ideas from one language to another.

What's the difference?


  • Written language

  • Takes place on a computer

  • Certifications available as translator (ATA, etc.)

  • Skills required:

    • Fluency in at least two languages

    • Expert written communication skills

    • Knowledge of translation theory and techniques

    • Terminology research

    • Proficient use of CAT tools, termbases, and other software; ability to adapt to new technology


  • Spoken language

  • In-person or remotely (OPI, VRI, RSI)

  • Certifications available as interpreter (court, medical, etc.)

  • Skills required:

    • Fluency in at least two languages

    • Expert oral communication skills

    • Ability to make quick terminology decisions on the fly

    • Proficiency in using different registers

    • Terminology research

    • Involves simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as sight translation

    • Ability to adapt to new technology

As your #CertifiedLinguist, I am an ATA certified translator as well as a conference interpreter and a federally certified court interpreter.

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Meet Your Linguist

My name is Nikolaj D. Widenmann. A certified translator and a certified judiciary interpreter with 18 years of professional translation experience, I am a native speaker of both English and Danish. While living in Denmark, I was also exposed to Norwegian and Swedish, languages that are mutually intelligible with Danish to varying degrees.


I have lived in the United States since 1991, and I have been translating freelance since 2002. I also possess native-level professional fluency in Spanish, my wife's native language.


My office is located in Sandy, Utah, a suburb to Salt Lake City situated just 15 minutes from the scenic Wasatch Mountains.


  • MS in Translation, New York University (focus on legal translation)

  • BA in English, Spanish minor, San Diego State University

  • ATA-Certified Translator (Danish into English), American Translators Association (ATA)

  • ATA-Certified Translator (Spanish into English), American Translators Association (ATA)

  • Federally-certified court interpreter (Spanish/English), United States Courts

Services and Areas of Specialization


  • Danish into English translation

  • English into Danish translation

  • Spanish into English translation

  • Norwegian into English translation

  • Swedish into English translation

  • Spanish/English interpretation


Professional Affiliations

  • ATA (American Translators Association)

  • NAJIT (National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators)

  • NLSC (National Language Service Corps)


I offer my freelance translation services as a part of WTS Translations, LLC. By choosing me as your freelance translator, you will be working directly with the translator.


For document translations in language combinations other than those listed above, I offer a wealth of other language combinations through WTS Translations, LLC, including English to Spanish translation.

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