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I have years of experience translating legal documents, including contracts, divorce decrees, birth certificates, articles of incorporation, etc. My translations have been used as evidence in jury trials in cases ranging from domestic violence to Ponzi schemes.

Legal translation education

My M.S. in Translation at New York University was focused on legal translation and included several legal translation and financial translation courses, including a contract translation course and a course on comparative law.

Legal translation is a highly specialized discipline that extends beyond mere words. As a legal translator, my task is to find the legal terms in the target language (in my case, English) whose legal effect is as close as possible to the legal effect of the terms in the source language. This makes legal translation an exercise in comparative law as I juggle different languages and different legal systems (in my case, civil law vs. common law).


USCIS-accepted translations

I have supplied numerous certified translations of personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic records, etc.) for use with the U.S. immigration authorities.


Confidentiality you can trust

I respect the confidential nature of your legal documents and make sure to use the appropriate data security measures.

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